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Sedateness Gynecology, Latina Edition - Lilith Rose - Part 1 of 1 - Patients POV

This movie is filmed from the patient’s Point Of View (POV)

These are Lilith Rose’s ONLY Adult Movies EVER!

Lilith Rose doesn’t like going to the doctors, so when her mother told her it was time for Lilith to start seeing a gyno, Lilith was terrified! She turned red just thinking about showing her private parts to some stranger!

Lilith got online to find a doctor of her choosing and was happy when she found a gynecologist who offered sedateness options, just like her dentist! That would be perfect! She shows up to the appointment, strips down, lays on the table, and blacks out after the doctor injects her.

Model: Doctor Tampa, Lilith Rose

Posted: Fri, 31 July 2020  Views: 2251

Series: Sedateness Gynecology