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The Detention Dilemma - Angelica Cruz, Lenna Lux, Reina - Part 1 of 1

Re-Edited, Re-Mastered, Re-Released June 2020

With Behind The Scenes

These are Reina’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

School is back in session for these three detention dummies. Having failed to graduate with the rest of their class, these three friends couldn't be more content to have failed together. No wonder, since they all enjoy living a life of partying and fun!

Unfortunately for Angelica Cruz, Lenna Lux, and Reina, their parents don't agree with their lifestyle. Their parents have told the girls that unless they return and get their GED, they will make them get jobs or risk getting kicked out.

They don't want their summer cut short by doing manual labor. At least if they took the class together, they could hang out while pretending to get their GED instead of being stuck at a job all day.

As the girls wait on the professor to arrive, they show how little regard they have for their education. Sitting there, they talk smack, smoking cigarettes, thinking that life is grand because they get to be in this class together.

When the professor arrives, he's distraught at what he sees but not surprised. This is the GED class, but he takes his job seriously, even if they don't take their education seriously. He lectures them as he takes their cigarettes, putting them out in his cup of coffee. "In this classroom, you will take your education seriously," he tells them. But the girls aren't taking him seriously at all, and he knows it.

With only one real trick up his sleeve, he goes for the Hail Mary.  None of them got their student physicals done now that they're 18, so he will make sure they get it done today by the school's nurse. He informs them of their impending physicals before instructing them to follow him down to the clinic. 

They have no idea, but he intends to stay in the room to ensure their physical gets done. This isn't his first time, and he knows the school nurse well. He tells the nurse that he'll remain with his students since they've been entrusted to him and are under his supervision. Since they all had to go to the clinic to get their physicals, there is no excuse for him to stay behind in the classroom.

By the time the nurse is done with these three detention dilemma dropouts, they will fear what else their new teacher has up his sleeve should they not take their education seriously.

Besides, their parents won't be too happy if they had nothing to show for their summer other than an F in his class...

Model: Angelica Cruz, Doctor Tampa, Lenna Lux, Nurse Lilith Rose, Reina

Posted: Fri, 13 September 2019  Views: 3796

Series: The Detention Dilemma