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Brianna Cole's Annual Checkup - Part 1 of 1

Re-Edited, Re-Mastered, Re-Released July 2020

Now With Behind The Scenes

Brianna Cole has come in for her yearly physical but is also having a problem. She is having climaxing issues in the bedroom. She doesn't know what is wrong and wants the doctor to take and look and help an orgasm-less girl out! 

The nurse has Brianna change into a gown before Doctor Tampa goes to work, checking her vitals. He takes her B. pressure, using his stethoscope to listen to her heart and lungs. After she has her eyes checked, he takes her height and weight before having Brianna sit on the exam table to have her temperature taken. 

Brianna tries to preserve her modesty as she keeps her gown on. She ends pulling it down anyway once the doctor has taken her temperature! Doctor Tampa checks her abdomen before administering a breast exam, asking how often she checks her breasts. 

The doctor has Brianna slide to the end of the table and puts her feet in the stirrups before examining her vagina. He starts by peeling back her labia and thoroughly looking at her pelvic region with a magnified exam lamp. He then proceeds to carry out a conversation about Brianna's orgasm problem, all while she is spread eagle in the stirrups. 

As the doctor talks to her, she has many cute and embarrassing facial expressions. The doctor examines her thoroughly before using a speculum to open her up wide and look inside! After the speculum examination and swabs are taken, the doctor has his patient bear down on his fingers to check her pelvic muscles. 

After he is satisfied, the doctor cleans up as Nurse Julie J gives Brianna a prescribed toy to help with her orgasm problem. As the doctor said, use it before sex to "Preheat the oven, so to speak!" Brianna cums to a VERY excellent and FULFILLING ORGASM! Another satisfied patient of the Girls Gone Gyno Clinic!

Model: Brianna Cole, Doctor Tampa, Nurse Julie J

Posted: Mon, 20 April 2020  Views: 4443

Series: Yearly Physicals

Brianna Cole

Brianna Cole's Annual Checkup - Part 1 of 1

Model: Brianna Cole, Doctor Tampa, Nurse Julie J
Posted: Mon, 20 Apr 2020
Length: 27:30   Views: 39,995