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Student Interns 1st Clinical Exam - Donna Leigh - Part 1 of 2 - Doctor-Tampa's POV

Filmed From Doctor Tampa's POV (Point of View) so you can glove in and become the doctor! This movie was only filmed in POV. No other camera angles exist!

Re-Edited, Re-Mastered, Re-Released February 2021

Now With Behind The Scenes

These are Donna Leigh’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

After completing years of training, Lilith Rose is looking forward to becoming a nurse! Before she gets to add that title to her name, she has to go through the clinical experience part of her training! 

Today is her first day getting hands-on with the patients. She will examine standardized patient Donna Leigh under the watchful eye of Doctor Tampa. Step into Doctor Tampa’s body and help to evaluate Nurse Rose practice her clinical skills on Donna Leigh in a movie that was only filmed in POV!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Donna Leigh, Nurse Lilith Rose

Posted: Thu, 9 April 2020  Views: 2042

Series: Student Interns