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Adrianna Fox's Immigration Physical - Part 1 of 1

Re-Edited, Re-Mastered, Re-Released July 2020

This movie was originally released on CaptiveClinic but moved to GirlsGoneGone as the patient isn't "captive". This did not count as a new release.

These are Adrianna Fox’s 1st Adult Movies EVER! Series - Based on stories of green card applicants having to undergo a mandatory physical examination at the gloved hands of immigration doctors misusing their position of power over their foreign patients.

Adrianna has been working hard at gaining her citizenship. She reached the point where she had to get her immigration physical. "Why does it matter" is all she can think. I've been here for years! It's not like I'm just coming into this country! But alas, it's part of her requirement, so she opens the door to the medical center early for the appointment.

Adrianna's let into the exam room, where she waits for the staff. She paces around the room, exploring the equipment. Finally, Doctor Tampa walks in, and they exchange pleasantries before he begins with the process. She undresses, deciding against the flimsy gown. “We’re going to see it all anyway at some point,” the doctor says as he begins her examination.

Doctor Tampa measures her height and weight before showing her to the examination chair to perform auscultation of her breasts. As he sets up and starts the B. pressure machine and thermometer, they talk about her breast implants and cosmetic surgery. He asks Adrianna if she has breast examinations regularly and is slightly shocked to find out that she doesn’t.

He tells her that she should routinely examine her breasts for lumps and abnormalities, ideally monthly. He starts the breast examination, and the implant discussion continues. When he is done, he quickly checks her eyes and mouth so he can move on to his favorite part, the pelvic exam. She is then adjusted to a supine position on the chair.

Doctor Tampa finishes the chair adjustment, finds out her pelvic examination history, and enthusiastically snaps his gloves on. Adrianna’s vaginal and anal temperatures are taken, both beeping simultaneously. She asks him about the process to obtain her passport, and he informs her he is unable to advise her.

Asking how everything is going, she responds, “Everything so far so good,” in her heavy French accent; he agrees. The doctor continues with the pelvic examination before beginning the bimanual exam. “It’s crazy you know all of those things just by feeling them,” she states after he removes his fingers from inside of her.

Doctor Tampa inserts the speculum, obtaining cervical swab samples. He looks inside of her vagina, commenting that it's “nice and pink and healthy.” “Pink is my favorite color!” she replies.

The speculum is removed, and the chair is adjusted to its regular position. The doctor then says his farewell to his patient before leaving the room. Adrianna is now alone and curiously looks around the room. She continues dressing, letting her hair down from the bun she had it in before exiting the exam room. Hopefully, she passed and will soon be a citizen!

Model: Adrianna Fox, Doctor Tampa

Posted: Tue, 2 October 2018  Views: 2213

Series: Immigration Physicals

Adrianna Fox

Adrianna Fox's Immigration Physical - Part 1 of 1

Model: Adrianna Fox, Doctor Tampa
Posted: Tue, 2 Oct 2018
Length: 22:53   Views: 19,924