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You Made 684 New Releases Possible In 2022! Want To Go For 816?by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Sun, 16 January 2022

Hello to all my Doctors, Nurses, and patients! 

I know I’ve been rather quiet since we hit 400 staff members on January 7th. That's why I chose such a bold subject for the 1st official newsletter of 2022! Hopefully, you all have been enjoying a few extra releases to those 60 extra releases on Doctor-Tampa!

 I haven’t been resting on my laurels. I’ve been working hard on the back end as the nurses and I gear up for the biggest year of medfet movie-making EVER! Tech emails get quick replies, but please accept my apologies for the slow replies to emails unrelated to immediate technical issues. Today I finally responded to over 50 non-technical emails and still have a few long ones left to reply to!

The last 4 months of 2021 were a roller coaster ride of staff members as we peaked at 396, almost reaching 400, before falling to 334 in mid-December. I understand that the holidays didn’t help as they can put a financial strain on all of us. But just after crossing into 2022, you amazing people totaled 400 staff members at the daily 8pm roll-call!

But as we pass these thresholds, I worry about staff membership dropping below that threshold causing updates to return to their previous frequency. That happened after we hit 300. I never made it known and kept that 3rd update coming each week. Thankfully we overcame the drop below 300 pretty quick!

You alleviate that worry this time as membership continues to climb faster than ever! As of this email, we have 432 staff members! And I’m working hard cleaning the clinics up to attract more staff!

New Release Logs Updated For 2022!

All new release logs on all websites have been updated to reflect the 4th weekly release! The pages have also been cleaned up to be easier to read and navigate!

How Many New Releases Did Staff Members Make Possible In 2022?

2020 had 208x new ~30 minute releases.
2021 had 389x new ~30 minute releases.
Originally, 2022 had 468x new ~30 minute releases scheduled.
Reaching 400 staff made 684x new ~30 minute releases a reality for 2022!

500 staff by February 28 would increase 2022 new releases to 816, nearly
doubling every site's movies in 1 year with 400+ hours of new movies!

 Putting those numbers together is a real perspective as to what our combined mutual interests have done for all of our spank banks! 2022 could have 4x the new releases of 2020! That means staff members of all 3 clinics would see over 400 hours of new movies released in 2022!!! WOW!!!

 Do Our Clinics Look Cleaner?

Over the past couple of days, you may have noticed all of the changes taking place in our clinics! From the main page to the join page to the new release schedule, all pages are being overhauled to become less wordy and easier to navigate.

GirlsGoneGyno text is changing to Arial for easier reading. All XVideos previews were removed. 1-minute free previews for each movie have launched so non-staff members can see what they are missing and decide if they want to join our staff so we can hit 500 staff by February 28th!

New “Loyal Staff Member” Benefits For 2022!

Thank you to all who have become loyal staff members! For 2022, I wanted to add something new that you can enjoy right away since discounted props and on-set experiences are not yet available.

#1 - You can now customize your staff login credentials by choosing your own username and password! This helps better get to know those staff members who may one day be joining me on set! If you are a “Loyal Staff Member”, email your desired username and secure password to take advantage of this loyal staff member-only benefit!

#2 - The survey results were split, so I opted to give loyal staff members a choice! Get 2x the value of your free month in BMM tokens!! Get 1,000 tokens if you are a multi-site member (1 username for all 3 sites) or 600 tokens for individual site members. Members of 2 sites individually get 1,200 tokens. (You will have 2 usernames). Or keep your free month for every 12 paid months!

Rewards For Finding Issues!

I don’t run a big clinic. In fact, I run a 1 doctor and 1 nurse clinic! Additionally, there are no clinics that put the amount of time and effort into pre and post-production as we do. Shooting the videos is the easy part. Everything that happens before “ACTION” and after “CUT” is complicated and time-consuming. 

From booking the models, planning the movies, groceries/testing for the models, staging exam rooms, dry runs to test equipment/camera angles, cleaning sets/instruments, transferring/backing up files, editing, making photo sets, writing descriptions/keyword, making previews, posting the final product, and so much more, there’s 15-20 hours of work for every 1 hour of video.

My developer frequently tells me nobody in adult has the demands that I do, and none use the server/technical resources I use. But I tell him I don’t make porn. I make movies and treat my productions as such.

It blows my mind what I’ve been able to accomplish with amazing staff members like you! The sheer volume of new movies I’m making while improving the quality of everything is insane!

Because of increased staff member dues, I hired a well-trained assistant to help with post-production so my focus could be on new productions. This was the first time I could pay well and allowed me to afford a sharp assistant who edits and finishes movies just like I did. Hopefully, you can’t even tell there was a change!

Currently, my movie catalog spans 1,100+ ~30-minute clips. Over the past week, we merged all of the movies from CC/DT/GGG into BuyMyMovies. This will give us 1 place to manage and control all movies and photos. This will be critical as GuysGoneGyno and other new sites are launched.

This merger was not without issue, as some of you emailed about missing movies and photosets. In fact, I accidentally deleted my own model profile on, which in turn hid all the movies since the main actor (me) was gone. I did this in the wee hours of the morning after 16+ hours of site development. I caught it as soon as I woke up, and the issue was fixed before anyone emailed. 

But the irony was not lost! I developed my own platforms to keep from being deleted by platforms. In turn, it also gave me the power to delete myself. But that was completely accidental, and I was back in less than 12 hours!

Over the past week, I worked 16-18 hour days exchanging hourly emails with my developer as this merger took place. We merged 1,100+ movies, 1,100+ previews, 1,100+ photo sets and almost 200 models into one database as we complete the overhaul and prepare the backend for 2022. With so much data flowing over the past week, things were discovered by Eagle Eye staff members before I found them!

I’ve never made this publicly known, but some of you already know this: I’ve been known to add tokens to your BuyMyMovies account for reporting issues on any of my sites!

So if you are seeing anything that doesn’t work, is incorrect, incomplete, or missing, please reach out to let me know about the issues. You may find yourself having some tokens in your BMM account!

95% of known issues have been resolved and should be 100% done by January 21st. Photo sets are still terribly wrong, and a handful of videos are still missing. But we are working diligently to correct these issues!

Thank you so much to all who have brought issues to my attention!

Movie Descriptions Have Been Updated!

During this merger, I updated every movie’s written descriptions. That was over 375 movie descriptions spanning 13 years with no uniform look to them and most missing keywords. My OCD couldn’t stand this, especially after spending 2 years overhauling and standardizing the movies and photos. So it was high time descriptions got the same love!

Descriptions have all been standardized, and we are in the process of replacing old descriptions! Grammar and spelling have been corrected on top of clickable keywords describing every action in every movie segment being added!

“Tampa University Entrance Physicals” is my longest-running series with 50+ seasons. It used to have an in-depth backstory that somehow got changed to a 3 sentence movie description many years ago. This left staff members with zero context to this series. The story behind these odd, extensive and over-the-top examinations had been lost. I’m happy to say this storyline has been restored to its former glory!

Look for these new descriptions to roll out over the next week!

Old Tampa University Description:

New Tampa University Description:

Old Description Format on BMM

New Description Format on BMM 

 Keywords Have Been Added!

In my never-ending quest to help you find what actions you want to see in my extensive movie collection, I began adding keywords to movie descriptions in early 2021. Unfortunately, my websites had limitations for keywords. They had to be 1 word which doesn’t work with most of my keywords.

Your staff member dues paid for custom programming to have this changed, allowing me to roll out “keyword phrases” to describe every action in every part of each movie!

If you’ve previously clicked on them, you may have only seen 1 or 2 movies with that action. As movie descriptions get updated this next week, the keyword phrases on the right side of the websites will start showing you all the videos with that action! The keyword phrase list is a bit long in the tooth with many redundancies, but I wanted to get it rolled out. Then the nurses can shave the teeth down on my wild keyword animal!

Categories Have Been Updated!

Categories used to function as a mix of keyword phrases and movie series. Since your staff member dues helped pay for a “Series” feature to be developed on top of keyword phrases, the categories have been overhauled too! Categories now describe major actions that happen in each video. Just like the keywords phrases, every video has been meticulously stepped through to find all of these keywords and actions!

Doing all of this was another big part of the overhaul project that is finally coming to an end after 2 long years. Categories are being updated alongside storylines and keywords. Look for categories to become fully functional in the next week as well!

BuyMyMovies Has 100% Of My Catalog!

Another major part of the overhaul has been moving my entire catalog on to BuyMyMovies. I am happy to report this move is complete, and BuyMyMovies has every single movie I have ever released! BMM also has all of the movies not yet released on CaptiveClinic, Doctor-Tampa, and GirlsGoneGyno!

BMM pricing on all movies is 45% off clips4sale pricing! This marks a monumental shift in how you can purchase and consume my movies! Moving everything onto my own platforms has also reduced the amount of time we spend working behind the scenes. We had made special 1.5-hour segments of movies just for C4S with special keyword paragraphs and descriptions to match those movies. By moving everything to my own platforms, everything has become standardized with 1 version! It also saved over 2 TB in hard drive space and time spent backing that up monthly!

BuyMyMovies Has DAILY New Releases!

Thank you to all who have been stopping in to check on new releases every day! I know it seemed like we finally got daily updates rolling out to have them stop a week later. Over the past week, BMM/DT/CC/GGG all merged into one database to better manage all movies, photos, models, categories, keyword tags, release dates for BMM and release dates for DT/CC/GGG.

As we did the merger, new releases on BMM stopped for a few days so as not to throw another wrench into an already complicated transfer. Now that we are done, new releases are resuming, and all missed releases have been published!

Moving forward, BMM will feature 7 releases from a single website each week. That’s 1 new full movie released DAILY! The next week will alternate to a different website, and so on. Doing this will allow daily releases while keeping the new release page to remain clean and concise. At some point in February, GuysGoneGyno will begin releasing the first movies ever on BMM! 

Yes, you can buy tokens with CashApp/Crypto/PayPalVenmo! Email for payment details!

 New Warning In Members Login Area

Some of you may have noticed the new warning when you log into the member area. 98% of you can disregard this warning. It was added to head off multiple support tickets each week from new staff members breaking our clinic’s 1 rule: Only “Loyal Staff Members” can download videos.

Activity is logged, and I pull the activity logs when I get these emails. It doesn’t take very long for me to figure out their issue is breaking this 1 rule. But that support time adds up communicating the issues. So I just decided to head it off with a warning! Accidental bans happen but are very rare.

I thought placing “Streaming Only” in the header of all clinics would deter them from joining, but maybe they are missing it before signing up. This login warning hopefully will allow more time for me to chat with my well-behaved staff members instead of wagging my finger at the “naughty in a bad way” staff members. We’ll see if it stops the daily support tickets about this issue!

Movie Pages Have Been Made Longer

While there are about 30 movies missing from our clinics, your eyes do not deceive you. There are fewer pages of videos overall.

Each page used to show only 9 movies per page. I recently changed it to display 27 per page. I did this to match the length of keywords running down the right side of the page. Do you like this change, or do you prefer the 9 videos per page?

A Funny Realization

In doing this overhaul, I rediscovered in December 2019 I said 2020 would be the year of medfet. Looking back with covid glasses, that’s exactly what happened! Doctors and nurses started getting the respect they long deserved for keeping us alive, gloves and masks became acceptable to wear in public, and it was the start of our insane staff growth having just 96 staff members on January 1st, 2020. Amazing how words age just like us!

Thank You For Recognizing The Hard Work We Do!

Thank you to all who have subscribed for any amount of time or purchased any amount of tokens! You have allowed me to build my clinic, but the work is far from done! I keep hearing “thank you” for all of the “transparency” in everything I do.

I’m transparent not because I have to be, but because medfet is my fetish, and I’ve always wanted to be a part of a medfet community. I have been on UKGyn since I learned how to use computers! I believe in creating what I want to see in the world, so I run my clinics how I wanted to see kinky clinics run.

That’s why I’m very responsive to tech support. That’s why I listen to ideas and suggestion even if you’re not ordering a custom. That’s why I’ve developed the loyal staff members program. That’s why my customer service is the best I can deliver. That’s why I add your kinks into movies even if its not one of my kinks. That’s why I’m so interactive in responding despite being up to my scrub cap in work each day. 

Because I always dreamed of being a part of a clinic bigger than myself! But when I joined DoctorTushy and other medfet porn sites, I was disappointed. Sure I could download any movie, but the updates were not frequent, or movies were recycled as new releases. They were also cheesy and very porny. I could tell it was the 18-year-old doctor’s 1st time giving an exam. It’s all good, Dr. Howser. I was there at one point myself. But worse yet, images and videos from the tour weren’t in the member area!

So I have built a clinic in the image of what I wanted to see. Updates are clearly listed. There’s no deceptive tour. All content unlocks for 1 price with no upsells or hidden/missing movies. There’s a program for loyal staff members. And so much more! It tickles me “Kelly Green” to see the outpouring of support and kind words from all of you like-minded kinksters wanting to see what I’m planning come to fruition!

Staff membership went from 334 on 12/15/21 to 432 on 1/15/22. I never thought I could have taken my “play doctor on the weekend” fetish this far! I’d have quit my job of 17 years, well, 17 years ago! But everything happens for a reason, and I’m here as your dedicated medfet entertainer now! I’m actually tearing up with joy as I finish this newsletter! You’ve shown me with an amazing community’s support, anything, including a 10,000 sqft ultimate medfet studio, is well within our reach! 

-Doctor Tampa