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Happy 2022! 400 Staff Members Extended To January 8th But 375 By Ball Drop Means 15 BONUS Release Today!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Sat, 1 January 2022

Happy 2022 to all my Doctors, Nurse and patients!

When I said that was my last email of 2021, I meant it! Now that it's 2022 I wanted to give you a quick update!

Unfortunately we lost another 12 staff members yesterday who opted to not renew. Every night at 8pm those who didn’t renew drop off our staff rosters. But we did end 2021 with 375 staff members in our kinky clinic! That means today there will be 15 new segments released on Doctor-Tampa!

I also extended the timeframe by an extra week so we have until January 8th to get 400 members on our staff and I’ll release the other 45 movie segments on January 9th!

Yes, is still on sale until that time and ALL memberships regardless of price or do not renew status count as long as you can login!

BIG THANK YOU to all including the 6 new staff members who joined this morning/afternoon! We are currently sitting at 381 staff members! So make sure your staff membership is set to renew and not cancel, and we should have no problem getting another 19 staff members in the next week!

Thank you so much to all of your wonderful people, here's to 2022 being the best year for medfet yet and hopefully the year we start building my ultimate studio! Have a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year!

-Doctor Tampa

P.S. Look for a slew of new BuyMyMovie movie titles this week!