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Notice Regarding Fraud

Posted on Fri, 2 November 2018

Notice Regarding Fraud:

If you are thinking about signing up and then charging it back because "it wasn't what you expected".... THINK AGAIN. tells you what you get BEFORE you sign-up. You can view the whole website, video and picture set titles, and models before you join. We don't force you through a deceptive 3-page tour showing things that are not there or an upsell. There is no bait and switch. What you see is what you get, and joining will unlock everything you see before you. is a streaming-only site of unique realistic medical fetish videos and stories. Once you have been a member continuously for 270 days, you can apply for unlimited downloading privileges.

Doctor Tampa's movies and sets have been a substantial investment, and his potential client base is very niche and limited. If you want to see more videos produced, he needs paying customers who purchase clips or subscribe regularly. Like other streaming services, you can't download it all for a $30 monthly membership. But with enough support, you will eventually become a “Loyal Staff Member” and be able to download any movies you want. Artists like Doctor Tampa need your monetary support more than ever. Don’t want to stream? Visit to purchase and download any movie Doctor Tampa has ever made!

Our websites don't have any false advertising. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. If you have any questions about ANYTHING in regards to WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE in the member's area of, the best thing to do is open a support ticket with your question(s). Our staff is happy to answer your questions before you join.


A "chargeback" takes place when you pay for something with your credit card (for example, signing up for this website) and then you dispute the charge later with your credit card company. If we receive a chargeback from your account, Verotel/CCbill will BLOCK your credit card and include you into a database of NEGATIVE cardholders, thus PREVENTING YOU FROM SIGNING UP TO ANY OTHER SITE processed by Verotel/CCbill. Other internet credit card companies handle chargebacks the same way. This measure is taken to protect both you and online merchants from fraudulent credit card purchases.

Additionally, if you do a chargeback, all of your data will be posted publicly so other merchants can avoid doing business with you and add you to their blocked database.

Doctor Tampa Media Corp also has to pay a $50 fee every time someone does a chargeback. This doesn't help new content get produced. If you have issues or are unhappy about something, email us, and let's find a solution.


If you decide to make a retrieval request (start of a chargeback) that results in you getting a refund for a previous purchase OR if you make a chargeback for a purchase, your account will be sent to collections where you will incur a $199 chargeback fee PER chargeback and a $299 collection fee in addition to the amount of your chargeback.


Users who intentionally gain access to this site with no intention of paying and later dispute the charge with their credit card company and/or refuse to pay the charge are committing fraud and are subject to criminal and civil litigation under interstate commerce laws. If you don't have any intention of paying for your membership, don't sign up!


Secure passwords, billing payments & cancellations are managed by our authorized sales partner: Verotel. Credit card information is not stored on our servers. Dr. Tampa Media Corp reserves the right to limit bandwidth usage and password sharing by members if necessary.