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If you are a female 18-35, you may qualify for "no cost" health care from Doctor Tampa's Clinic! Click Here to learn more. #PatientsWanted

Become A Patient

Have you ever watched Captive Clinic or Girls Gone Gyno movies and thought about how you would LOVE to be that patient strapped down to the table?

Have you ever wanted to make your VERY own medical fetish masterpiece? Lights, camera, action! Now you can rent out the and set's with camera equipment for $500/hr (2 hour minimum)!

This experience is not for the average person, but those looking to indulge their fantasies in a way few others ever will! Complete examinations, treatments, experimentation, orgasm research, urethral sounding, simulated surgical procedure, and many other delectable medical fetish therapies on one of the most famous exam rooms ever! #PatientsWanted

Think about it. You will get to meet Doctor Tampa to have one of his nurses strap you down to the surgical table you know so well while she experiments on you in one of the most recognizable exam rooms on the internet! This is truly an experience few others will ever have.

So now that you know the shoot location, you need talent, as talent is everything when it comes to making movies. Thankfully you know someone who has contacts in the biz! Doctor Tampa has pre-approved female nurse models, some of whom you may already know, to pencil you in for an appointment and co-star in your movie! Otherwise, if you have your own models, simply pay for a background check, and they'll be allowed on set. Doctor Tampa is currently looking for male nurses who want to work with male patients as Doctor Tampa does not treat males. 

Since Doctor Tampa's operations comply with the law, all movies MUST be recorded, and all models must sign model releases. You will receive the model releases for your movie project along with all the raw footage. With that in hand, only you can choose when, or if, to release your creation upon the world! Professional editing services are available. All actors & actresses also sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure everyone's real identity remains hidden.

Want to make a movie longer than 2 hours? The length of your movies is as big as your budget! If you would like to be in a really long movie, the staff can work late into the night. If you get tired, you can rest strapped down to a surgical table or sleep on a gurney in the laboratory jail cell. 

So if you are ready to star in your own movie, email today! Due to the extremely limited slots available for production appointments, there is a $100 non-refundable deposit required to discuss your production. Upon setting your production date, 50% will be due. The balance will be due before production starts!


What's included?

Model releases and 2257 forms, rental of 1 set, use of scrubs/costumes/straight jackets/lab coats/surgeon gowns, non-sterile gloves, lube, tongue depressors, thermometer covers, examination tables, external restraints, external medical equipment, patient monitor.

What's not included?

Background checks, equipment/supplies in sterile packs such as sounds, speculums and other internal instruments. 

What is not allowed?

Nothing illegal, no body fluids (outside of cum), no enemas, no cutting, no needles, no bad attitudes/hostility towards staff. Additionally, excessive messes or wasting supplies will result in additional charges/cleaning fees or being banned from working at Doctor Tampa's studio again.

Set & Equipment Rental Cost:

Set & Camera Rental - $500/hr, 2 hour minimum

Background Check: $150/each

Speculum Purchase: $20/plastic, $50/metal Graves or Cusco 

Sterile Instrument Rental: $50 per sterile pack

ET-312 E-Stim With External Probes Rental: $100

ET-312 E-Stim With Internal Probes Rental: $300

Violet Wand With External Probes Rental: $100

Toy Rental (Probe covers included): $25/each

Staff Costs:

Doctor Tampa: Starting at $500/hr - Treats female patients

Pre Approved Female Nurses: Starting at $300/hr - Treats female/male patients

Pre Approved Male Nurses: None available; apply now!

Camera Person: $100/hr

Professional Editing Service: - $75/hr

This is a solicitation for equipment rental for you to make a medical fetish adult movie. This is not a solicitation for prostitution. All models are independent contractors and not represented by Doctor Tampa or Doctor Tampa Media Corp. Additional charges apply for excessive messes or damaged equipment. All equipment is sterilized with heat sterilizers and hospital grade chemicals in between patients. STD/Covid test required for all talent.