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4/26/22 - Update On

GuysGoneGyno launched on 4/20, but the launch was limited to BuyMyMovies.

Currently, there is no streaming membership site for GuysGoneGyno that's
akin to GirlsGoneGyno. At this time, purchasing and downloading individual
movie segments is the only way to enjoy GuysGoneGyno.

However, with enough sales, GuysGoneGyno will become its own stand-alone
streaming site just like CaptiveClinic, Doctor-Tampa, and GirlsGoneGyno! Once that
happens, GuysGoneGyno will become a part of the multi-site staff membership!

Why Are GuysGoneGyno Movies So Expensive?

Simply put, production costs, which over doubled since there are multiple models in each
movie. GuysGoneGyno pricing is consistent with what Doctor Tampa previously charged
for movies on Clips4Sale and ManyVids because of these higher production costs.

When Doctor Tampa built BuyMyMovies, he gave you a 45% discount off C4S and MV
pricing for CaptiveClinic, Doctor-Tampa, and GirlsGoneGyno movies. Because of
higher production costs, GuysGoneGyno is not yet enjoying that discounted pricing.

The price of GuysGoneGyno segments will come down as the scale of economics comes
into play. Initial sales have been better than anticipated and if they continue, eventually the
price of movie segments will come down as GuysGoneGyno movies become profitable.

For 10+ years, Doctor Tampa lost money making GirlsGoneGyno movies because it was a
passion project that he would have been working on even if he never released the movies.

GuysGoneGyno is a website fans asked for, not part of Doctor Tampa’s passion project. It
had to be looked at from a business standpoint. Movie production is Doctor Tampa’s sole
income and he cannot afford to lose money on GuysGoneGyno. But Doctor Tampa heard
his staff members request and took GuysGoneGyno from a joke to reality in 8 months!

So as Doctor Tampa always says, support the things you love so they will be there
for you to enjoy in the future. If you are passionate about GuysGoneGyno and
want to see a dedicated membership site built sooner rather than later, please
use BuyMyMovies to support the medfet porn you want to see more of!

-Doctor Tampa

Checkout GuysGoneGyno On BuyMyMovies!

Happy 4/20/22! GuysGoneGyno Officially Launches!

Since mid-2021, Doctor Tampa has teased GuysGoneGyno as a future project. In
March 2022, Doctor Tampa revealed GuysGoneGyno would launch on April 1st, 2022!

When the clock struck midnight on April fools day, it became apparent to many that
everyone had been Rick Rolled and the GuysGoneGyno launch was an April fools joke.

On April 7th, a week later, Doctor Tampa went live on Instagram to explain
GuysGoneGyno was an elaborate April fools joke months in the making
complete with a logo and land page to make everyone think it was a real
project! Once the joke was revealed, almost everyone left the live stream.

But for those who stayed on the live stream and paid close enough attention to that
live stream and other posts on Instagram the past few weeks, you may have picked
up all the breadcrumbs Doctor Tampa kept dropping. GuysGoneGyno is a real
project already in production and the REAL release date would be 4/20! Cuz who
doesn’t LOVE green?! And the GuysGoneGyno logo is, well, GREEN!

To add to the confusion, on April 18th Doctor Tampa posted to his Instagram and
CaptiveClinic Twitter a 20-second GuysGoneGyno intro video with the caption
“Coming April 1st”. And if you logged onto on April 19th, you
may have noticed the addition of the GREEN logo to the header!

So Happy 420, as an even more elaborate April Fools Joke
is finally over and GuysGoneGyno is officially launched!

On 4/20/22 to celebrate the GREEN GuysGoneGyno logo becoming a part of, there will be a GuysGoneGyno release at midnight (EST),
4:20 am (EST), and 4:20 pm (EST)! The GuysGoneGyno doesn’t stop as all 9
GuysGoneGyno movies are released on over the next week!

From there, it will be in your gloved hands to determine to future of
GuysGoneGyno. If sales are strong enough, Doctor Tampa will continue to film
additional movies for GuysGoneGyno to be released on

Eventually, with enough financial support on, could become its own stand-alone streaming membership site
like its sister clinic, GirlsGoneGyno! This would create an opportunity to expand the
types of medfet movies made as female medical unprofessionals continue treating
male patients as well as the possibility of male doctors treating male patients!

Doctor Tampa and his naughty nurse staff appreciate all of your
support and look forward to strapping you guys into the stirrups soon!

March 15, 2022 - Update On GuysGoneGyno

August 31, 2021 - GuysGoneGyno Concenived!

Doctor Tampa knows not all of his fans want to see female patients spread eagle in the stirrups.
Doctor Tampa knows that his fans identify their gender in various ways.

And while Doctor Tampa is only into examining female patients,
he’s into pleasing all of those fans supporting his work with purchases!

Doctor Tampa wants you to know he hasn’t forgotten about those fans who want to
see men spread eagle in the stirrups for an examination! Sometimes by females,
sometimes by males, sometimes by medical staff with other pronouns!

So in Doctor Tampa’s never-ending quest to expand and deliver the BEST medical fetish of
all varieties to fans of all varieties, he is proud to announce a 2022 project called!

How dedicated is Doctor Tampa to this future project?

Let’s just say Doctor Tampa became a patient spread eagle in the stirrups for
the FIRST TIME EVER! He put himself at the mercy of non-binary medical
perverts for the initial shoots, 4 in total!

This is a monumental moment since Doctor Tampa has NEVER become
patient until now! Soon, “The Cum Clinic” will be released
on in 2022 for your viewing pleasure!

“The Cum Clinic” is the 1st GuysGoneGyno series. It's filmed from Doctor Tampa’s POV
after he’s been taken and wakes up strapped down, spread eagle, and draped on a
surgical table! All he can hear is the sounds of a patient monitor that he can’t see.

Eventually, faceless medical perverts who don’t say a word arrive to examine Doctor
Tampa! Eventually, their intent becomes clear as they extract his semen before leaving
Doctor Tampa alone, restrained, strapped down and spread eagle on the surgical table!

Doctor Tampa will be using the money from these films to invest it in developing! This will give you an all-new site where you can see men
spread wide in the stirrups undergoing invasive examinations at the gloved hands
of staff that you have yet to see treating patients in Doctor Tampa’s clinic!

Thank you to all who understand and respect Doctor Tampa’s limitations and preference
for female patients! Doctor Tampa has never forgotten about you and knows what you
want to see! He knows some of you are watching his straight movies because
you can’t find male patient medfet movies with clinics as well equipped!

With your continued support, in 2022, he may be able to generate enough revenue
from his own patient videos to start production on expanding GuysGoneGyno
movies! Everything will be filmed on the same sets but with a new
set of medical unprofessionals treating helpless male patients!

So if you want to see GuysGoneGyno come to fruition sooner rather than later, support
development and buy Doctor Tampa’s patient movies when they begin to cum out!

Or send tips and tell Doctor Tampa it’s to help fund!
Other than money to develop this new website, Doctor Tampa needs to see
an outpouring of support to know his investment is being spent on a website
you want to see and will support with a membership once it launches!

The doctor will be with you guys shortly...


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